Power Development



The Power Development Department is one of the technical departments of the Ministry. Its main role is to facilitate the improvement of availability of electricity to the populace, as well as the attainment of self sufficiency in electricity generation. The achievement of the strategic goals is centered on the effective administration of the utilities under the Department’s purview namely ZESA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd group of companies and its subsidiaries: Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), ZESA Enterprises (ZENT) and PowerTel; the Rural Electrification Agency (REA); Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Commission (ZERC) and Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) which is a bilateral body owned by Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Mission Statement

To facilitate the development of power infrastructure and provision of safe, adequate, reliable and cost-reflective electricity



  • Development and establishment of an effective legislative and regulatory framework to facilitate orderly operations of the electricity industry sector;
  • Ensuring availability of adequate supplies of electricity to facilitate economic growth and sustainable development;
  • Development and implementation of policies on indigenisation of the electricity sector and alternative sources of energy;
  • Facilitation of infrastructure development in the power sectors of the economy; and
  • Acceleration of the pace of rural electrification in Zimbabwe and the provision of appropriate and affordable electrical energy supplies for sustainable social develpment

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